Maybe I should try going to bed.

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// Tomorrow I will do some more things such as begin the tale of Sumia’s murder at the hands of grima. *v*

I haven’t had sumia die in such a long time. This will be a great time.

Nighty Night!

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"Oh, um, L-Lady Sumia? I-if you’re not feeling well, I-I’d give a glass of m-milk or something a try, um… th-the protein should help you feel better."

"O-oh no it is quite all right! I’m sure I’ll be able to manage. I’m pretty sure it’s just exaustion. But, thank you for the offer Sami."

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"So woozy…I hope this is just from lack of sleep. I don’t have time to be ill right now…"


Well folks, it has come to my attention recently that today was quite the milestone for me!  I have reached a follower count of 400! Man, it has been a helluva ride, starting way back in December of last year.  Met a lot of great friends, some whom I’d even dare to call family.  This is a post to honor not only them, but to give thanks to all the people I’ve seen around who inspire me to do better.  This is for you guys!
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The first time she left Severa in her care was the battle before her husband passed. 

Cordelia had no doubts that Sumia would protect her from any sort of danger that might have endangered her just as viciously as if she were Severa’s mother.


"Chrom.. He called me in to prepare for another battle." 

And she knew that Sumia understood what that meant.

It was only a matter of time. As much as she really wished it not to be Sumia knew very well what Cordelia was about to face and the odds of her returning would become. The fell dragon had all ready claimed the life of Cordelia’s husband and many other friends that they had. The fact that now she would being facing the same kind of threat made her heart clench.

The brunette nodded her head.”Yes, he informed me last night.” As desperately as she wished she could fight alongside the other pegasus knight she was under strict orders to remain within Ylisse from her husband. Queen or not it didn’t matter Chrom had made a good argument when she refused. Lucina and Cynthia could not lose both of their parents in battle. Sucking in a deep breath Sumia drew the other into a hug. 

"Please try to stay safe and don’t worry for Severa. I promise you I will protect her with my life." She didn’t dare say good bye. Despite know very well what the possibilities were, it was just too final.

But, I have been close to passing out since this morning whoops and need some rest.

so um yeah ovo;;;; Depending on how rested I am tomorrow I may get back to work on replies.//


She was not going to even attempt venturing out of her tent tonight. There was far too much nude for her to handle at this moment. Thank the gods she did not have to make any rounds this evening. As she turned over to her side sumia muttered to herself.

"You people all need Naga in your life."

//nighty night everyyone uvu

~Koi-chan //

While fairy tales about clumsy princess and heroes facing their own inner demons of self-doubt were wonderful to read such novels were but just a section of the kind of reading material she would read.  Historic text was something that she would often refer to when times were tough or she desired to learn more about the heroes of old. However, today hunting down the information she wanted was proving to be a challenge.

The Pegasus knight was beginning to think that this whole endeavour was for naught after skimming over the carefully calligraphy that died the pages with knowledge. The sound of turning pages came to a halt as armoured fingers gently closed the worn tome back to its original state before it was placed aside among the other tomes that had been stacked neatly in her tent. 

Each of these tomes shared a very similar quality besides being fairly dated. They all held little bits of the historic nature of Ylisse and her other bordering nations. Past wars, change in customs, old protectors of the lands, such information could be found in each of the tomes that Sumia had gathered all varying in the terms of detail.

Yet so far none of them offered her the information she was so desperately hoping to find. Pegasus knights had played a role in each of the different legends woven by the heroes of the olden times. It might have been a hopeless endeavour but there had to be a reason that after all the work that her fellow knight had done that their once proud arsenal had been limited to only a lance.