Cynthia let out a cheerful hum and offered her dad a grin and was just about to give him some sort of answer when her mother suddenly arrived, causing her brown eyes to go wide.


" Mother!? " seeing Sumia so covered in dirt and limping shocked the younger pegasus knight who let out a horrified gasp, oh how her plan had gone wrong!

Cynthia closed whatever distance there was between her and Sumia and offered her a hand to help even out her balance as she gave her mother a worried look and scanned over her for any injuries she might have been able to see.
" Are you okay!? Are you hurt!? Oh gods.."

The white haired pegasus knight was brought out of her panic when the sound of Henry’s voice adressing her snapped her out of it, and a small sense of another sort of panic filled her.
Her first plan had failed and now she quickly had to switch to plan b, but would plan b work if wasn’t preceded by plan a?
Well, there was only one way to find going full speed ahead with it!


" Well…y’see…I saw that the two of you are on cooking duty together the day after tomorrow! And I figured.. why not go get some extra ingredients from the nearby town? It can be like a family outing! " 

Nobody would ever know that she had been the one to swap positions around so that her parents would be stuck on cooking duty together, right? At least she hoped so.
And surely if they spent time together doing things, they would get things to talk about and get to know each other better! Maybe they could even find gifts to give to one another..or maybe that was a bit too soon.
Cynthia just really wanted to get the two talking to each other.

"I am fine. I just stumbled a little on the way here." Sumia nodded her head. A little was an under statement. She knew that very well seeing as she contemplated not coming to this place. While the limp was far from pleasant it was not the worst injury she had gained from tripping. It was only a slight limp after all. It would take some time to heal but it would not be the end of the world. As for the dirt she would have to let her dress soak in water to get deeper stains out.  

"Huh?" The older pegasus knight lifted her eyebrows in surprise. This was certainly news to her.The last time she had kitchen duty she had double checked who she was suppose to work and it certainly was not the dark mage in front of her. In fact if memory served her correct she was suppose to be working with Gaius. 

 This seemed a little suspicious. Cynthia was certainly up to something. The pegasus knight was positive. As flighty as she was even she could take notice to it. However, now wasn’t the time. She would confront her daughter privately about the matter. Plus a little shopping for ingredients never hurt anyone right? 

For now she would just play along and ignore the minor slip up in the girls plans. “That sounds like fun. I’ve been meaning to pick up some ingredients.” She agreed with a small smile.

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tumbling-pegasus-knight: "Rumor has it"


send “Rumor has it” for a rumor my muse has heard about yours.

"Rumor has it that you be talkin’ shit about cows."

The pegasus knight blinked at the tactician. It wasn’t the worst rumour she had spread about her. Heaven no, this did not come anywhere close to some of the cruder ones she had heard about herself. However, this was by far one of the more confusing rumours. “Pardon me?”


"Of course not, milady; your troubles shall only weigh you down if you dwell on them," he replied simply, soon picking up his pace and rejoining her side. "Besides: you needn’t ever worry about dragging the others down; I cannot think of a person more willing to put her best foot forward on a daily basis for the sake of her comrades than you, Sumia."

As he finished his spiel, the knight looked ahead to see the others gathered around the mess tent for supper. By some miracle of the gods’ design, Sully had opted out of cooking detail for the knight, trading duties with Gaius (much to the relief of nearly every Shepherd in camp). With the smell of honeyed ham wafting through the air, Frederick was suddenly reminded of something Cordelia had told him about Sumia.

"Though, I must ask: what of your flower fortunes?" the Great Knight inquired. "Cordelia made mention that they gave you hope when you were in need of an extra boost in morale. Would they also have something to do with your most recent upturn in your progress with training or have you found less of a need for them lately?"

"Thank you." Despite her gratitude and smile her posture still remained ridged from his previous comment. She wanted to know what exactly was missing in her action before settling down into a relaxed state.  Her flower fortunes. That was tradition that she had so dearly clung to well since before joining the shepherds. As childish as some saw it, it was her motivator. Even when her fortune turned out to be against her the brunette would double her efforts to prove what ever ill fate she had been predicted wrong.

It was truly a miracle that Sully had opted with trading duties with Gaius.  The last thing the shepherds needed was everyone being out of commission because of mass food poisoning. Keeping her gaze trained the bustle of the mess tent she thought over his question in silence for a moment. Her flower fortunes was tradition that she had so dearly clung to well since before joining the shepherds. As childish as some saw it, it was her motivator.

Even when her fortune turned out to be against her the brunette would double her efforts to prove what ever ill fate she had been predicted wrong. However, by ignoring her worries Sumia had inadvertently left behind what she used to motivate her into pushing against her limits. Something that she herself had not come to realize. “Actually, no they didn’t…” She admitted.  ”I haven’t been doing them as vigorously as I used to or at all to be frank.”

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How the hell this even happened I don’t know. I started this blog in September just before I began my last year of college in Wales without even having the game. Hell I didn’t even have a 3DS at the time. Yet you guys actually welcomed me in and when you finally realized I was only roleplaying Sumia base off of research you guys actually thought that was amazing. To be honest I was surprised you guys were okay with that.
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I am a serious rper I SWEAR.

It's just raining on my face.
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It's just raining on my face.
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